VERA10 for Gocheok Church in Seoul

Evangelist Gocheok Church is located in Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul and was founded in 1954.

The church has been serving to fulfill the educational and cultural need of the local community while maintaining a highly respectable name as a religious organisation. The congregation of 3000 believers needed a larger sanctuary plus smaller rooms adjacent to the main hall.

Several loudspeaker systems have been tried in the church before the decision was made to contract Seoul-based company Star Networks and to include a TWAUDiO system.

“The TWAUDiO system was convincing, the client liked it and we were able to begin with the installation,” tells Joey Choi of Star Networks.

“We chose to install VERA10, a system which provides a maximum of intelligibility very efficiently.”

A total of 22 VERA10 elements have been placed on both sides of the stage with one VERA S15 subwoofer hung on each side and two B30s stacked per side.

Two M8 cabinets have been used as front fill speakers and two more to cover the outer areas. Eight further M8s have been installed under the balconies and two M12s suspended from the ceiling directed to the upper floors.

Seven TWAUDiO M10s are being used for monitoring the pastor as well as singers and bands.

The entire system is powered by seven Powersoft K3DSPs, two K2DSPs and three M50Qs.

A further system, consisting of M8 and M12 cabinets has been placed in the adjacent 400-capacity room.

“Everybody is very happy with the new system. The sound is absolutely clear, intelligible from all places and easy to operate for our volunteers”, explains Hyuk Kim, head of audio at Gocheok Church.