VERA10 at world famous club Haoman 17 in Tel Aviv

The Haoman 17 Club is one of the world’s most famous DJ locations. The Club has already hosted great international names such as Armin Van Buuren, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Paul Van Dyk and Sasha, Tiësto, as well as parties for Madonna and many famous film openings and fashion shows. The Haoman 17 Club entered DJ Magazine’s TOP 100 chart in 2009.

After the presentation, handled by local TWAUDiO distributor ProTouch Ltd., there were no doubts - the VERA10 array supported by L24, B18, and BSX infra subs is the right choice. “We installed the system after a quick time alignment. Without having many EQ points, the system was ready for use either for club or live music”, says Harel Tabibi, the audio consultant responsible for the upgrade project.

“Building tall subwoofer stacks means that the distance between VERA10 array and subs to wherever the listener is in the club is kept short. Time arrival from subs and tops is always correct. Two arrays were pointed towards the room axis for better stereo imaging and front-rows coverage, keeping the balconies on the sides in the array off axis zone (– 6 dB). This way we got an extremely even coverage at each listening point”, says Michal Poplawski, TWAUDiO support engineer.

“The system is ready for different scenarios, like typical club music, live shows, weeding parties etc. We decided to install a remote upper motor to allow us to change the arrays location in the front-back axis at the touch of a button. For instance when a live performance is about to happen we can shift the entire system to the front edge of the stage to keep maximum gain before feedback. Furthermore, we don’t have to change the delay strategy as subs and tops are always close together. This makes it easy for the club’s technicians to setup the system”, remarked Harel Tabibi.

“There were high demands for SPL headroom, even coverage, and flexibility of the system. After the final tuning we are very happy with the high-end sound and overall system output” adds ProTouch’s CEO Shmulik Mazuz.