VERA36 at Shenzhen Bay Stadium in China

They included Huang Qishan, also known as Susan Huang, “the No. 1 female voice in Asia”.

The promoter’s requirements were clear – to give the audience an absolute acoustic highlight. And after an intensive selection process, TWAUDiO was chosen, with the contract for providing technical services going to the Beijing Haizhao Lighting & Audio Equipments Co., Ltd. with its TWAUDiO rental park.

System tuning was done by Augustine Edward of TWAUDiO.

The responsible sound engineer Hunter Huang was thrilled by VERA36: "At first I was more than sceptical as to whether the compact VERA36 could produce the amount of SPL needed for an venue of this size. But when the system technician said he was ready and played a few songs, I was blown away ... I’d use this system for mixing again any time if I had the chance. In my experience, this is one of the best PAs out there…."