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Verification - @ your fingertips NFC based verification invisible yet present against product piracy

The increased presence of copies of established brand products in all sectors is a well-known issue and unfortunately, no longer rare.

This not only harms the manufacturers but also creates confusion among consumers, as the distinction between original and counterfeit is not always recognisable at first glance.

An authentic TWAUDiO loudspeaker is not just a symbol of quality, but also a promise for the original TWAUDiO sound. This promise includes our excellent service and support, as well as the assurance that your loudspeaker will retain its value over time.

The quality and continuity of the original cannot be achieved by using the cheapest replica components, such as drivers or crossovers. Inferior, uncertified metal parts can even pose serious safety risks, for example with flown speakers. Moreover, copies are of course excluded from any service and support benefits as well as spare part deliveries.


Application safety


Trust and quality


Original warranty and spare parts


Exclusive support

Why to choose the TWAUDiO original

Invisible yet present: Each original TWAUDiO loudspeaker, from production starting 01.01.2024, is equipped with an hidden NFC chip near the connection panel in the enclosure.

*Some NFC positions may differ from this, all positions can be looked up in the NFC TAG Position guide.

Through the use of state-of-the-art IT technology, originals are confirmed and counterfeits identified as such. 

The original includes, in addition to the warranty, current preset updates and entitlement to spare part orders. 

Choosing the original is a decision for the highest component quality and sustainable processing. Our products are made with care and are a guarantee for exceptional audio experiences.

Only genuine TW AUDIO loudspeakers entitle you to first-class support and service benefits and offer extraordinary value stability at the same time. 

Copies are often built with inferior materials. This can lead to accidents if metal parts are not certified and can break or tear. 

Verification in 3 Steps

Step 1

Apple iOS: NFC is enabled by default. Android or other phones: Activate your NFC reader.

Step-2 Twerify

Step 2

Move your phone close to the position of the NFC tag” on your speaker” and click on the message that appears on your display.

Step 3 TWerify

Step 3

TWERIFY® now opens your browser, the verification process starts automatically and shows you the verification result.

PDF File with the position of the NFC Tag on your speaker.


The NFC-based verification system against counterfeiting

To ensure TWAUDiO customers and users the security of an original product, we have developed a unique verification process in the industry: The result is TWERiFY®, the NFC-based simple authentication system by TWAUDiO.

With a mobile phone and internet connection, the simple and tamper-proof TWERiFY® process can be initiated, verifying each genuine TWAUDiO loudspeaker as an original.

Every TWAUDiO loudspeaker delivered from 01.01.2024 is equipped with an NFC chip and thus actively usable with TWERiFY®. If you have any doubts about product authenticity before the year of manufacture 2024, please contact sales@twaudio.de, stating the serial numbers.

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