ELLA, the ELegant Line Array, is ground-breaking, a world first achievement at this size. ELLA combines the slim form factor of a column with the flexibility of a line array as well as built in passive cardioid technology.

Behind its well designed front panel ELLA6 offers a newly developed feature - a specially engineered waveguide with five 1" dome tweeters which reproduce silky smooth and precise high frequencies up to 20 kHz, matched with a custom designed high performance 6.5" driver. A new outstandingly acoustical listening experience ensuring astonishment among the audience, without compromise, even at high SPL.

Another unique feature of ELLA is the built in passive cardioid system. Due to the special acoustical resistors at the back of the enclosure, ELLA has a cardioid directivity pattern over the entire frequency range.

ELLA6 has a nominal impedance of 24 ohms – so it is possible to connect multiple speakers in parallel, there is no additional amp channel required for the cardioid effect.

There is one more key feature to be mentioned - the optically refined, almost invisible integrated rigging hardware, which can easily transform a multi-element column into a true line array. There are no pins or striking company logos on the front grille to disturb the timelessly simple appearance.

Assembly is quite simply clever, fast and cost-effective. With a simple mechanism, the elements can be connected and the six splay angles adjusted.

Regarding ELLA's flexibility: The well thought-out accessories support you in all your different sound applications. Whether stacked on the design pillar for a conference or in a choir situation in a church, on a VERA S32 cardio sub for a gala or flown as an array for the concert in the local town hall.

ELLA L18 is a low-mid extension unit for the ELLA6 system. Especially in ELLA6 arrays of only two to six elements ELLA L18 significantly enhances the low-mid performance in terms of SPL and directivity control in the frequency range from 90 to 1000 Hz. As ELLA L18 uses the same fully integrated ELLA6 rigging system, it can be simply stacked or flown below or above ELLA6 elements without the need of additional accessories.

ELLA ensures you are successful and efficient at countless events: As a discreet main PA at shareholder meetings or corporate events and galas, as a permanent installation in theatres, in a stylish industrial venue or a luminous baroque hall, as a touring system, as a front fill, as an under-balcony loudspeaker, as a sidefill PA or as a sophisticated monitor for the discerning DJ.

Of course, any RAL colour tone is possible.

ELLA - the ELegant Line Array.
Redefining multifunctionality.

ELLA6 The ELegant Line Array.

Technical data

Drivers1 × 6.5″ LF | 5 × 1″ HF
Frequency range90 - 20000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak400 / 800 W
Impedance24 Ω
Coverage (h × v)120° × 10°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m99 dB
SPLmax / 1 m129 dB
ConnectionspeakON™ NL4 1±
Dimensions (H × W × D)200 × 200 × 260 mm [7.87 × 7.87 × 10.24 in]
Weight5.5 kg [12 lbs]
FinishWarnex texture paint
AccessoriesBMP150, RPE6, BPE6, PME6, CaseE6, BagE6
OptionsRAL colors



TWERiFY NFC TAG Position Guide EN (PDF - File)
26. January 2024 - Revision 1.1


ELLA6 Datasheet EN (PDF - File)
15. July 2024 - Revision 2.0
ELLA6 manual EN (PDF - File)
20. April 2023 - Revision 2.0
ELLA6 Rigging Manual EN (PDF - File)
12. December 2020 - Revision 1.3


ELLA6 PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
7. March 2023 - Revision 1
ELLA6 DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
3. March 2020 - Revision 1.0


ELLA6 (GLL - File)
30. November 2023 - Revision 1.7
ELLA6 Legacy (GLL - File)
30. November 2023 - Revision 1.6

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