6500 fans at Youth Festival in Stuttgart / Germany

"Encouragement, new ideas and electrifying music in blazing sunshine at the 2011 Youth Day of the Evangelical Youth Foundation in Württemberg (ejw)." This is how the press release starts for an extremely successful event held by the Evangelical Youth Foundation in Württemberg, celebrated with the motto “Mach’s gut” (do it well/take care) by around 6,500 young people in the Stuttgart market square on the last Sunday in September.

Doing things well was also the motto the technical services provider PML were working under. Their professionalism made a crucial contribution to the success of the event. PML were using TWAUDiO for the front sound system, using 2 x 12 VERA10, 2 x 4 VERA L24 Lowmid-Extenders, 8 x ESX subs and 4 x M15. The complete system was amped with 12 Powersoft K3DSP-AESOP and aligned and monitored using ARMONIA software.

Once again, the possibility of feeding the digital signal from the Soundcraft Vi6 desk direct to the amps via the remote circuit proved to be an especially elegant solution. The K-AES-Option enabled two digital AES stereo buses to run separately at the same time through the CAT cable. This makes any more signal wiring superfluous.

TWAUDiO was not just used as the FOH system though. On the stage, eight C15 coax monitors plus two passive B15s (as drum fill bass extenders) saw to the “acoustic well-being” of the artists and speakers. To finish off this impressive event, the band SACRETY rocked the square.