Anastacia paid her dues in Giessen

The task of providing Anastacia with a more than suitable audio package was given into the hands of German rental company PS Sound. Christian Schurtakow, owner of PS Sound and his team were contracted to facilitate the Open Air Arena in the Schiffenberger Tal in Gießen with sound and lights.
Having been a user of TW AUDiO’s VERA10 system for many years, Christian decided to invest in the more powerful big sister system VERA36, also considering the company’s recent growth. “It was an important step to take in that direction”, explains Christian, “especially when it comes to dealing with acts this scale. And I can say that it definitely paid off. We have put the VERA36 to use for the first time on this festival. The support from TW AUDiO has also been of great comfort to me. It all worked out perfectly and all sound engineers have been very happy with the system during the festival so far. So I was looking forward to the show with Anastacia.”

A total of 22 x VERA36 have been deployed for this event. Fittingly 16 x S33 were added and operated in end-fire mode in order to guarantee a maximum of sound pressure at the front with simultaneous partial reduction at the rear. 6 x BSX have been stacked in two arrays to complete the bass foundation ensuring the bass could still be felt in the distance. 4 x VERA10 were used as front fills and 2 x T24N as out fills.The entire system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM12K44 and PLM20K44 amplifiers including Lake DSP processing.

Marco Zeidler from the TW AUDiO support team was at hand to assist Christian with the alignment and tuning of the system using the SMAART multi-channel FFT analyzer. “SMAART is an extremely powerful tool and very easy to use. Together with the Lab/Lake controller software the whole sound system can be perfectly administrated and adapted to any acoustic environment”, explains Marco.

During sound check Chris Madden, FOH engineer for Anastacia, mentioned of not having any previous experience with TWAUDiO systems so far. But he was happy to find out that there was plenty of tight sub and overall headroom available to play with: "The VERA36 performed brilliantly during Anastacia’s show. Her voice is very powerful and can be difficult to manage at times, especially between 2 and 4 kHz. Nonetheless VERA36’s mid-high range stayed smooth and the sound suffered no loss throughout the entire performance."