Malaysia welcomes Modi

A special event – Malaysia welcomes Modi – was held on 22nd November 2015 at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC) to pay tribute to the deep ties between India and Malaysia. India’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, highlighted in his speech the exceptional contribution made by the members of the Indian diaspora in all walks of Malaysian life. Supporting the social program were numerous organisations with traditional music and dance groups from India and Malaysia.

The production company MD Events Asia was chosen to supply the sound, lights, and truss for this prominent occasion. “This was a very high profile event and it was broadcasted live to India’s television networks,” said Jack Gill, the director of MD Events Asia.

Mr. Gill’s experience with TWAUDiO’s system at their Demo Day in Kuala Lumpur this year made the German loudspeaker manufacturer his top choice. MD Events Asia outsourced the sound system for this event to Fajar Baiduri Events (FBE), who owns a large number of TWAUDiO products.

“TWAUDiO’s exceptional mids projection and imaging made the job easy for us. It also helped that we had very good support from Mr. Augustine Edward, TWAUDiO’s Asian Technical Support”, said FBE’s owner, Mr. Kojack.

“The TWAUDiO’s S33 subwoofers, which are loaded with cardioid presets, helped to prevent the low frequencies from travelling to the stage. It made it easier for the more sensitive instruments to retain their original sound for the audience”, explains Mr. Edward.

The system used for this prestigious event consisted of 24 x VERA36,
12 x VERA10, 20 x S33 subwoofers, 2 x BSX, and 8 x C15 stage monitors. Powered by Lab.Gruppen PLM10000 and PLM20000.