Illuminated Lichtfest with VERA10 in Leipzig

On the 9th of October 2015, the Augustusplatz in Leipzig was filled with 25.000 visitors who came to remember the autumn of 1989 together with high ranking representatives. True to the motto/slogan “liberty – equality – fraternalism” the guests experienced a very moving performance. TV journalist Pinar Atalay, actor Florian Lukas and the choir of the Leipzig Opera challenged the theme critically yet entertaining. (Source:, Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH (LTM) was the organiser of the Lichtfest 2015.

Responsible for the technical realisation was Ils Medientechnik GmbH Leipzig and Cross Works Projekt from Berlin. For numerous years already Ils Medientechnik is using TWAUDiO products mainly for galas and corporate events. Together with Soundlight l.e. and the support department of TWAUDiO a concept has been drafted for the PA system. A total of 50 VERA10 tops combined with the low-mid extender L24 and B30 in a cardio setup were planned for the event. In advance to the show a simulation has been conducted with EASE Focus2. Marco Zeidler from TWAUDiOs support department travelled to Leipzig in order to back the crew of Soundlight l.e. with facilitating and tuning the system on site.

It was the premiere of Soundlight l.e.’s newly acquired Lab.Gruppen amps. Several PLM12K44s and PLM20Ks were installed and controlled by LAKE. Carlo Toerpel from Soundlight  has received an intensive training in the use of the new amps before the big event. Nothing was left to chance and in order to utilize all the possibilities of the amp’s signal redundancy, AES and DANTE have been implemented to facilitate the several hundred meters of cables.

Carlo Toerpel: “Changing to a new amplifying platform can be "a real challenge" so naturally I felt a bit insecure – a lot had to be learned anew. But the possibilities of the controlling, the functions concerning safe operation and the sound of the Lab.Gruppen amps in connection with my TWAUDiO systems is definitely convincing. You do realise that Lab.Gruppen have got their roots in the international touring market and depict one of the most professional amplifiers and software combinations. The handling of the software I learned quickly and so my initial uncertainty was soon gone. My thanks go to the colleagues from TWAUDiO’s support department for their extensive help in the planning and during setup on site.”