Park Concert at Olympic Park Seoul

Such as the Korean soprano Sumi Jo and pop singer Yosup Yang, a former member of one of Korea’s most successful K Pop bands, B2ST.

The TWAUDiO VERA36 was used for this open air event for the first time, with the greatest distance needing covering with sound being 90 metres. FOH technician Seokwoo Choi was thrilled by how well this challenge was dealt with using just twelve VERA36 tops each side. “It’s amazing how fast we could rig VERA36 even though we were using the system for the first time. The clarity of tone and speech intelligibility in the mid-high range were really very impressive, so clear that we could hear every breath the soprano took and the smallest details of the orchestra. VERA36 was the perfect choice for this classical concert, as the system’s compact dimensions are just as important for this kind of event.“