Playing basketball in Spain with VERA

TWAUDiO Spanish distributor, Soinua provided PA system for the Basketball World Cup in one of the six venues.

Bizkaia Arena is the biggest multipurpose hall in Spain, as it can hold up to 26,000 people, and 18,640 for most indoor sports. For basketball games the audience is limited to capacity of 15 414.

“We were very happy to be a part of this great event. Using TWAUDiO system with Lab.Gruppen PLM amplifiers made us even more pleased” says Jorge De La Torre, Soinua owner.

“Having experience with this hall already and carefully planned prediction in EASE FOCUS 2 software made very smooth and relaxed setup. We used mixture of VERA10 equipped with 80 degrees with 120 degrees version, after loading the presets there was almost nothing to correct in the system. We achieved very even coverage for more than 15 000 seats super fast” adds Anselmo Calleja, Soinua engineer.

“We’ve been TWAUDiO fans for the last few years now, and from event to event TWAUDiO is proving itself that its combination of lightweight, straightforward rigging hardware and enormous output makes it one of the top selections in Spain” ends Jorge.