Rock Festival in Moscow with TWAUDiO

An event dedicated to "Youth Day" was held in Moscow for the first time on 28 June 2014, and saw a large stage set up in the 50 x 80-metre area of Sokolniki Park due to be amplified with sound. Headlining the evening was the band "Nervi", which was nominated for the MUZ TV award as "Breakthrough act of the year" in 2012.

During the event, STAGE EQUIPMENT, TWAUDiO’s distributor in Russia, assisted a local rental company, whose fleet includes TWAUDiO systems, by providing additional material and know-how.

A well-planned simulation of the sound system with EASE FOCUS 2 prior to the event, a compact size, and light weight meant the entire system could be assembled and connected up by four technicians in just 2 hours. Sound technicians, musicians and event organisers were impressed with the strong, transparent sound produced by the bands performing entirely different genres of music.

Pavel Golets, owner of Pilotaz rental company providing the sound, says “This event shows us again, how VERA10 is scalable. We use the VERA10 system starting from cooperative events, through speech, theatre applications, small live shows ending up on medium size rock festivals for 10-thousand people. Adding BSX and L24 to VERA-SYS-ONE makes the system ready for big events, and tomorrow we can again split the system and supply smaller events - couldn’t be better.”

Alexey Ramazov, Stage Equipment adds “we invited a few guests for the show – there is only positive feedback coming to us. TWAUDiO getting notice in Russia more and more – what makes us very happy”

TWAUDiO Systems:

VERA10 – 24 pc.

VERA L24 – 4 pc.

VERA S30 – 16 pc.

BSX – 1 pc. as infra sub

T24 – 2 pc. as in-fill


C15 – 8 pc.

M15 – 2 pc.

System amps:

Powersoft K3DSP