Zeltspektakel Winterbach in Germany with VERA36

Internationally-famous bands and artists taking to the stage in an 8 Master circus tent for eight days in a row – a spectacle initiated by the Kulturinitiative Rock Winterbach, which deserves every possible credit for putting on such a perfect festival with such amazing flair.

Light and sound were by technical services provider PML, using the new VERA36 system, which was much appreciated by the FOH technicians. GOTTHARD’s sound engineer Ernst Seider was visibly relieved. “Just hearing the first three channels at the sound check told me that this system does exactly what I expect of a good PA,” he says. For a system this size the overall performance is excellent, with audible dynamics created by plenty of headroom and low mids. I definitely wouldn’t have expected that. It meant that I was able to achieve GOTTHARD’s unique sound for the audience.”

But not only Ernst Seider was visibly relieved. The sound engineers for Foreigner ("Tough system!") and Joe Cocker ("I was really happy with the system!") were full of praise after the concerts for VERA36.