Jazzaldia Festival in San Sebastian / Spain

The 50th Heineken Jazz Festival, the anniversary edition of the San Sebastian Jazz Festival has been a resounding success from the artistic point of view and the audience. Between July 22nd and July 26th more than 124 000 spectators have attended the 109 performances on 17 different stages. A huge crowd at the festival spilled out over the Plaza de la Trinidad giving a great atmosphere to the Kursaal and the Green Stage at the Zurriola Beach.

The Green Stage fulfilled its purpose which it was designed for: to be a perpetual party. It started with Jamie Cullum as DJ as never seen in public before. The Earth, Wind & Fire Experience was as much a success as the beloved reggae played by one of its creators,  Jimmy Cliff. The remaining days of the Green offered  good Jazz (Gregory Porter), soul of the best kind (Lee Fields & the Expressions) and good examples of indie and power-pop by Neuman, Lonelady, Kakkmaddafakka and the local Bullet Proof Lovers.

The organizers decided to equip the Green Stage with TWAUDiO equipment. TWAUDiO’s distributor SoinuaPro was brought in to take care of the technical realization. “This event was a longterm project and planned without any compromises” tells Anselmo Calleja von Soinua. On each side they placed 12 x VERA36, supported with the S33 cardio subs as well as BSX, also as a cardioid set-up. The monitor system consisted of C12 and C15, PA-SYS-ONE as side fill, B18 and M12 as drum fills. “What we like about TWAUDiO is the compact size compared in relation to the enormous SPL. People often underestimate the VERA36 when comparing it with other systems. But the opinions change once the faders go up. With TWAUDiO we save a lot of time during build-up, manpower and truck space yet having all the benefits of a big PA” continued Anselmo Calleja.

After each performance there was a lot of positive feedback from all the different sound engineers.

John A. Baker (Earth, Wind & Fire Experience) states: “This was the first time we used TWAUDiO. Usually we have K1, K2, E15 or J at our shows. Therefore I was really impressed when I realized that VERA36 is just a 2 x 10” system. Also the definition and equal coverage in the sub area was phenomenal. One of the best subs I have ever worked with. Really great stuff.”

Also Guy Remy, sound engineer of Jimmy Cliff commented: “TWAUDiO has a very good system there. I was really comfortable working with it.”

Igor Guttierrez Betondo, FOH engineer for Gregory Porter concludes: “Several times I have had the opportunity to work with VERA36. The size related to the output is unique. One hundred meters behind the FOH desk you still have the entire audio spectrum. Absolute clarity and intelligibility.”

We are already looking forward to the next year when you will hear TWAUDiO at the Jazzaldia festival