Mirage Dubai hits all the right notes with TWAUDiO

Recently opened in one of the world’s most prestigious locations, Mirage Dubai has rapidly established itself as one of the Emirate’s leading after-dark destinations, combining high-end karaoke with a lounge-style atmosphere.

But in a city where only the best is good enough, not even Mirage’s enviable status as a key attraction within the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah has been enough to guarantee success. To win the support of the UAE’s wealthy club-goers, Mirage has adopted a no-compromises policy in keeping with the high expectations of its clientele, including a TWAUDiO installation courtesy of leading regional systems integrator Pulse Middle East.

Described as a “haven within the vibrant city of Dubai”, the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah is among the most exclusive resorts in the Emirate, boasting a private beach, gourmet restaurants and some of the world’s wealthiest guests. Since January 2017, Mirage has added a touch of after-dark amusement with its unique blend of karaoke complete with backing by a live band, and the kind of club vibes for which Dubai has become known.

Within the venue, visitors are able to choose between four main zones including the main club, a more exclusive bar area and two VIP karaoke rooms for private parties. For special functions, both of the private rooms can be opened up into the main club, and while karaoke comes first on the menu, whenever there’s a pause in the patron’s performances, a delicate mix of lounge and club music is ready to take over.

For Pulse ME, matching the venue’s high-end expectations meant turning to a TW AUDiO modern classic.

“The heart of the system in the main club is a pair of T24N enclosures, which is a wonderfully simple but very effective solution, especially for helping Mirage’s clients to sound fantastic when they’re taking a turn at the microphone,” explains Pulse ME Managing Partner, Joe Chidiac. “The project was very smooth, especially the coordination with the acoustic consultant to produce an impressive acoustic environment. That makes the T24N an excellent fit. It’s a real multi-purpose box with great dynamic range to support those vocals.”

Low-end extension in the main room is delivered by four B30 subwoofers positioned centrally beneath the stage, ensuring a discreet installation to protect the venue’s pristine décor while also avoiding the damaging lobbing effects often associated with L/R subwoofer configurations. “Again, the entire installation is based on one key idea – providing the best possible audio resolution for clients while they perform,” adds Chidiac. To that end, the subwoofers have been precisely time aligned to achieve perfect phase coherence at the crossover point across the dance floor.

Elsewhere, T20i enclosures are wall mounted throughout the venue, with 20 of the models providing optimum coverage and high energy SPL to every seat and table. Mirage marks the first use of the T20i in Dubai. “This was our first install with the T20i, and the result was beyond our expectations,” says Chidiac. “It’s a dual 10 inch, full range system and an excellent companion to the T24N.” Suitable low-end reinforcement is delivered via distributed B18 and B10 subwoofers, ensuring the atmosphere never falters. Power for the system is via Powersoft X8 and X4 amplifiers.

With more than 50,000 songs to sing and signature cuisine ready to order, it’s perhaps no surprise that Mirage Dubai is already a big hit in the Emirate’s competitive club scene. For every patron who takes to its stage, the TWAUDiO solution is ready to deliver a world-class performance in a world-class venue.

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