VERA10 installed: Presbyterian Church of the Lord in Songpa-gu, Seoul

The Presbyterian Church of the Lord in Songpa-gu in Seoul, accommodating a congregation of around 2 000 people, invested in a new sound system from TW AUDiO. The installation was carried out by Star Networks, TW AUDiO’s distributor in South Korea.

As there were no architectural drawings of the church available, the team of Star Networks had to measure the entire place beforehand in order to create a CAD file of the venue. Once the plans had been made, an EASE simulation was created to determine an appropriate system.

One array was hung on each side of the sanctuary consisting of 9 x VERA10 and 2 x L24. 4 x B18 provide the Lows and 4 x M8 serve as front fill. 4 x C12 and 2 x C15 are used as monitors. 6 x M6 have been installed on the ceiling of the first floor balcony to cover the seating area underneath. 6 x M8 were placed under the balcony of the second floor to deliver the sound to the congregation sitting on the first floor. 13 x Powersoft amps were implemented for amplification.

The church’s sound engineer, Jang, is very pleased with the new system: “The way the installation has been carried out guarantees a very even distribution of the sound to all the seats. It is a very fine sound the system provides, especially the speech of the pastor is very clear and defined. VERA10 has a clean and delicate sound which is loud enough to reproduce the band’s dynamics as well. We are very happy with the TW AUDiO system that we can run much louder with confidence.”